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With Organization Comes Empowerment

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"I Believe every person can become empowered and transformed through the process of organization. An orderly environment can help you gain control of you life and achieve inner peace and productivity."

Professional Organizer, Downsizing Expert and Productivity Specialist

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I'm Nathalie, An Expert in Decluttering

  I have been a professional organizer for over eight years now and I am very passionate about creating functional spaces. I have helped hundreds of families and individuals get organized and get through tough transitions with ease and confidence.  I can help with any home project -small makeovers; huge garage redos; downsizing;  family transitioning; creating home offices; or just creating more usable space in your home.

Several years ago I helped my own grandfather downsize and move from a large apartment -filled with treasures he had collected over a lifetime.-into assisted living. This personal experience allowed me special insight into the sensitivities, emotions, difficulties and conflicts people often encounter when they need to move or re-organize the spaces in which they live. I know the process can be life-changing if its done correctly.

  I am a member NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing)  and continue to train in all areas of organizing. 

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“She is outstanding. She's the best organizer I've ever had and I have used several.”

Richard Sample

"What I love about her is that she really listens to her clients and customizes what she does for their needs!"

Julianne D.

“She has an excellent skill set for a lot of different needs for the customer in various situations. Her skills all come into play and its pretty awesome!.”

Carol R...

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