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Organizing Tips

Here are some easy tips to help you with any organizing project you want to tackle

  • Use clear containers to organize as often as possible. It's just easier to identify items when you can see what they are.

  • Create small groupings of items that you use all together so you can pull them all out together and put away with ease.

  • Create better lighting in those cavernous closets so you can actually see what you have better.

  • Keep only what you love or what you find extremely useful.

  • Use open containers or baskets in closets for easy grab and go items.

  • The golden rule in organizing is everything you own needs its own home.

  • Create systems that make sense to you and that work for your lifestyle.

  • Make it functional.

  • Store categories together that you use all together (ex.baking utensils)

  • Don't buy bins until you know what sizes you will need.

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